Pump More Than Enough Milk, Maintain a Balanced Schedule, and Feel Great about How You Feed Your Baby 


Hi, I'm Sandy. I'm a Breast Pump Expert, Maternal Health Advocate, and an Exclusive Pumper.

Join me in the Empowered Pumping Community, the best place to learn how to maximize your supply while creating a pumping routine that feels easy and stress free


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Why Empowered Pumping?

It's the only course for Exclusive Pumpers developed by a Certified Lactation Counselor who's also Exclusively Pumped for both of her babies

Empowered Pumping is completely customizable. Learn how to make educated choices that put your priorities front and center

We're a judgement-free community. No matter how many times a day you pump, how many ounces you make, or how much formula you give - everyone is welcome at Empowered Pumping

(This method is not recommended!)

Maximize your supply, gain control of your schedule, and hold on to your sanity

Developed for the Exclusive Pumper who’s (more than) ready to:

  • Set realistic goals that take your milk supply, priorities and emotional health into account

  • Become an expert in things like different ways of dropping pumps, managing your milk storage and maximizing your supply - and determine which is best for YOU

  • Learn about all of the available pumps and accessories that will make your pumping life easier

  • Support and be supported by other exclusively pumping moms, just like you!

Maybe you could figure this all out on your own, but why?

...instead of spending hours searching online for answers, you could be watching 6-8 minute videos whenever you have the time. You can even binge them all during a few pump sessions!

...stop trying to make your life fit into a pumping routine and learn how to make pumping fit into your lifestyle

...you deserve  pumping support that takes your mental and emotional health into account. Not just the number of ounces you pump


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