Fall In Love With Pumping 

Join the only online community for pumping moms that supports you in your quest to take care of yourself, treat yourself with kindness, and prioritize your needs. All while making pumping 100 times easier

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"The biggest difference [since Empowered Pumping] has been in my outlook, mindset and positivity. I am less stressed and much happier. I am not struggling as much and my mental health has improved tremendously. I get more rest. It was also wonderful to have a community of pumping moms to talk to and relate to"

Mom of Laszlo

Stop Blaming Yourself

When was the last time you called your baby a failure for not nursing?

I'm going to guess the answer is 'never'.

When was the last time you said that to yourself?


This morning?

An hour ago?

"Maybe I wasn't cut out for this if I can't even feed my baby"

"It's impossible to balance pumping with everything else going on in my life"

"My supply sucks. What am I doing wrong and what's the point when I pump so little?"

Enough is enough. Stop punishing yourself for exclusive pumping and celebrate it instead.

"Joining Empowered Pumping was a complete mind shift. I used to be embarrassed and didn't tell anyone I was pumping. But now I actually enjoy it! I'm proud and I don't hide it the way I used to "

Mom of Asher

Join the waitlist and be the first to know when we open the doors again for Empowered Pumping

You Deserve To Feel Good About How You Feed Your Baby

How Great Would It Feel To...

  • Proudly exclaim 'YES!' when someone asks if you're breastfeeding
  • Drop a pump session without freaking out about your supply

  • Join a community of moms who actually get why you're so upset when you miss a pump

  • Experience empowerment to make feeding decisions that are best for you and your baby

So What's the Secret to

Making Pumping Easier and

Feeling Great About It?


Radical Self-Care.

Never let anyone tell you that self-care is a selfish indulgence.

It is only when we take care of ourselves, treat ourselves with kindness,

and prioritize our needs that we can we take care of those we love 




"I completely underestimated how much "self care" or emotional support/guidance I would need. Exclusive pumping is a beautiful gift that you give to your baby, but I felt lost in trying to balance it with my desire to have more of my OWN time back. I felt guilty, I wasn't confident in my ability to read my body or make decisions, and working with Sandy changed all of that. She helped me become more confident with my maternal instincts. "

Mom of Maddie

Inside Empowered Pumping

  • Prioritize your mental and emotional well-being with my Radical Self-Care Framework
  • Create a self-care routine that actually feels achievable
  • Sort through all the pumping information and figure out what works for your body, your baby, and your family
  • Make small but powerful mindset shifts that will make motherhood easier (and I lot more fun!)

And That's Not All...

As a member of the Empowered Pumping Community, you'll also get:

  • Weekly Pumping Q&A: To answer all of your technical pumping questions
  • Weekly Group Calls (Hot Seats): To get individual feedback and strengthen your habit of self-care 
  • Guest Masterclass: To provide you with expert parenting and baby information from experts like Certified Sleep Coaches, Registered Dietitians, and Postpartum Therapists   
  • Weekly Inspiration: To keep you going when life gets in the way


Join the waitlist and be the first to know when we open the doors again for Empowered Pumping

"I used to stress a lot about the rules of pumping...and thinking that I needed to follow all of those rules to the tee for it to work for me. I learned through this journey that sometimes you have to throw the rules out. [You should] understand why they exist, but it's really a matter of learning what works for you, what works for your baby, what works for your family. [There was a time] that got so stressful and my anxiety was off the charts. I am really glad to say that pumping was not on the list of things that I stressed about!"

Mom of Annabelle


Hi, I'm Sandy! 

I'm a Breast Pump Expert, a Maternal Health Advocate, and an Exclusively Pumping Mom of two beautiful babies.

After exclusively pumping for my son, over 3 years ago, I realized there was a big problem. No one was taking care of the pumping moms.

I wanted to change that.

Nothing lights me up more than hearing a mom say she's proud to exclusively pump and no longer feels guilty or overwhelmed.

(OK, that's not technically true. Other things that light me up include: Harry Potter, running 10k races, and snuggles with my littles.)

My goal for you is simple: that you have the knowledge, confidence, and pride to make infant-feeding decisions that work best for your baby, your family, and YOU.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Empowered Pumping Program is 12 weeks. After 12 weeks, the Facebook group will be archived, but you will have lifetime access to the videos, lives, and posts. You will have lifetime access to the pre-recorded videos, as well.

I get it, believe me! That's why we space out the content over 12 weeks - so you'll have plenty of time to go through everything.

Each video is only 6-8 minutes (easy to watch during a pump session!) and the Group Calls are only an hour. Everything will be recorded and can be watched on your schedule.

All of the content and information in Empowered Pumping can be found in one of three places.

1. EmpoweredPumping.com has all of the pre-recorded videos that you can watch at your own pace (and will have lifetime access to)

2. The Empowered Pumping Community and weekly Q&A will be in the private Facebook Group. The group will be archived after 12 weeks, but you will have lifetime access to the videos, lives, and posts

3. Group Calls and the Guest Masterclass will be over Zoom

I'm flattered that you'd like to work 1:1 with me! 

Yes! With the VIP Package, you'll get a 90 minute private session with me to go over anything pumping related.

If the VIP Package does't work for you, don't worry. The Group Calls are a great chance to talk to me and get support.

YES! Empowered Pumping is designed for every pumping mom, even if this isn't your first rodeo. 

I've worked with moms who are on their first baby and their third baby. I've worked with twin-moms and moms of 8 month-old babies. Empowered Pumping can help any mom feel more confident, connected, and proud by helping you create lasting habits of self-care.

That's fantastic!  Not enough moms value self-care the way you do.

My question for you is 'what kind of self-care do you practice?'

In Empowered Pumping, we focus on Radical Self-Care that's based on Mindset, Community, and Knowledge. It's less about pedicures and face-masks (which I love and totally have a place) and more about how you talk to yourself, what you expect of yourself, and how you prioritize yourself.

If that sounds like something you can get behind, then Empowered Pumping is for you.

The Radical Self-Care Framework is the foundation of Empowered Pumping. It is based on the idea that deep, personal, and lasting self-care is made up of three pillars - Mindset, Community, and Knowledge. Everything we do inside Empowered Pumping relates to one of these self-care pillars.

The MAMA Method is how you put the Self-Care Framework into action. The 4 steps of the MAMA Method are Methods, Accountability, Momentum, and Acceptance. Empowered Pumping guides you through these 4 steps so that you can create lasting and effective habits of self-care. 

"I became really knowledgeable about exclusive pumping and the process thru the program. The other reason I joined was to have a system when I returned to work in Jan. I created a schedule for when to pump, bought an additional pump (baby Buddha) to be more mobile and also learned self care techniques. I also enjoyed the support from the other moms."

Mom of Mateo

"All moms who exclusively pump should join this program. They will get all the information and advice they need, whether they're beginners or getting ready to wean. You get everything - knowledge, encouragement and support."

Mom of Marwa

Fall In Love With Exclusive Pumping 

Join the only community for pumping moms that supports your quest to take care of yourself, treat yourself with kindness, and prioritize your needs. All while making pumping 100 times easier

Join the waitlist and be the first to know when we open the doors again for Empowered Pumping


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